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Experience Marketing
Igniting concepts - thrilling experiences

The attention of your target group is worth its weight in gold. That's why it's our mission to make your brand tangible. Touch, smell, taste - and in the end, your customers will not only take home your products, but also a sustainable story. From the idea to the strategy to the complete production, we activate your brand in real and digital space.

Strategic marketing consulting for brands
Creative and goal-oriented ideas
Profitable concepts for the success of the brand
Bringing brands to life in the field
Measure success, show optimisations
Data visualisation and evaluation of results

Sampling Promotion

Come on, let's spoil your customers. With free product samplings and merchandise, we delight them right where they are. That goes to the heart and stays in the mind.


Concentrated and concerted. Take your customers or your team to a very special place with a fascinating programme. By means of a (hybrid) event, you strengthen brand loyalty and the sense of unity.


Think bigger and go on tour. We bring your brand to the people in the conurbations. This is mobile experiential marketing that opens up a lot of new territory for you with samplings and competitions.


Your store is ready, but no one is coming? We show you how to get potential customers to visit physical outlets through digital channels.

Immersive Experience

Whether Metaverse or other fully digital platforms, we create and implement the appropriate sales experiences of the future. Always on the pulse of technological innovation, with gripping gamification and engaging storytelling. Let your customers immerse themselves in worlds they can only experience with you.

Our experts

Chris Wolfer
Chris Wolfer

Head of Business Development & Innovation

Ronia Hutterli
Ronia Hutterli

Business & Innovation Manager

Yves Mehli
Yves Mehli

Senior Consultant

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