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January 2017

Rivella walk-in snowball promotion

#makeitgolden! With this motto, Rivella presented the Snowball Challenge at the Vereina car-loading station during the World Ski Championships in February 2017. As the main sponsor of the Swiss national ski team, Rivella raffled attractive instant prizes and gold certificates.

The World Ski Championships in February 2017 attracted thousands of fans from around the world. Many made the trip via the Vereina car-loading station, which experienced long wait times. Rivella used this opportunity to give out samples of Rivella Red and Rivella gold raffle tickets. For this event, Rivella created its own walk-in snowball in which attractive prizes, including samples of Rivella Red, sunglasses and gold raffle tickets, swirled around. These provided entry to the contest in the House of Switzerland, which contained the Rivella gold safe. Winning numbers were put into the safe and, with some luck, the winner received a gold coin or a year-long supply of Rivella.

We supported Rivella in this promotion from A to Z. In addition to concept development and the creation and production of the snowball, we were responsible for planning and branding at the Vereina car-loading station. We also provided trained staff and flexible logistics. Through good planning and cooperation, we were able to carry out the snowball promotion without a hitch.



  • 6 field agents
  • 4 free runners
  • 15 000 raffle tickets distributed
  • 15 000 samples distributed