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Feldschlösschen summer activation

For the Feldschlösschen brands of Somersby, Eve, Feldschlösschen Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic) and Bilz, we developed a sampling concept as part of a pitch. The challenge was to analyse and correctly identify the target groups. This resulted in a 4-part summer activation.

For Somersby, young and sporty promoters were in action at railway stations and distributed samples from a cart traditionally used for picking apples. To meet the need of the female target group, our promoters visited fashion stores, flower shops and hairdressing salons. With Bilz, we enlisted the help of a seahorse costume in order to attract attention at the public swimming baths.

With regards to the process of activating all of the brands, we were responsible for the overall concept and all aspects of organisation. We made sure that the appearance of the promoters was brand-appropriate by providing a suitable sampling cart, outfit and additional activation. Together with our partner, Prolag Logistics AG, we guaranteed a smooth flow when it came to the cold chain logistics - from the warehouse right through to the sampling trolleys. An essential factor that cannot be underestimated, because nobody likes unchilled drinks, especially not beer. 



  • Winning pitch for Feldschlösschen activation concepts
  • Somersby, Eve, Feldschlösschen Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic) and Bilz
  • Target group-specific activations
  • Uninterrupted cold chain spanning from logistics to delivery