Delizio Roadshow

We created a world of enjoyment in 13 different locations in Switzerland and were responsible for the design, implementation and app development.

Fully in the sense of the expression “pure pleasure”, coffee drinkers were able to put their taste buds to the test at 13 locations between 20 April and 3 June. A specially conceived roadshow module turned into a Delizio feel-good oasis in three train stations and ten malls in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. We invited passers-by to take a blind taste-test of two coffee competitors and choose their favorite.

We took on the design, creation and production of the entire event. In addition, we single-handedly planned and constructed parts of the furnishings. Furthermore, we proved our digital know-how: We were commissioned not only for social media, but also developed the rating app. During the 31 days of activity, 94 promoters worked 3571 hours over 384 shifts.



  • 31 days
  • 6022 blind taste-tests
  • 50 000 visitors
  • Average time of visit: 6.5 minutes