SWISSPER Influencers for Migusto

With our new product SWISSPER, we were able to launch a successful micro-fluencer campaign for Migusto. Under the Hashtag #kürbiswettbewerbbmigusto our Ambassadors posted a variety of posts.

Migros was one of the first customers to test our new micro-influencer platform SWISSPER. After 17 years of experience in live-marketing, our promoters are now also online and active as micro-fluencers.

For Migusto, the micro-influencers were commissioned to post a contribution on the subject of pumpkins and food. The content was deliberately left open so that the contributions would appear authentic. The result was a successful campaign to increase reach with a high level of credibility and commitment.

All processes were handled centrally by us. We put together the Micro-Influencer Pool on the basis of the demographic target group, guarded the process and provided the customer with reporting with all relevant key figures.



  • SWISSPER the Micro-Influencer Platform
  • Promoters are now also Micro-Influencers
  • High engagement rate through authenticity