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Leadgeneration for UPC MYSPORTS

Successful UPC event series to raise awareness of MYSPORTS. Thanks to a creative mechanism, we succeeded in driving 45% of promotion customers back to the POS.

The UPC campaign aimed at raising awareness of the new MYSPORTS channel, with the focus on generating new leads and increasing shop traffic. In the bidding process, we were able to convince UPC with our concept. Achieving a drive-to-store rate of over 45%, the implementation proved that the concept also works in practice and not only on paper.

In seven different malls, we invited visitors to actively engage in football or ice hockey goal shooting. All participants received one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and could then find out at the UPC store whether their piece matched a gadget or the daily prize (Sonos box). Moreover, each registered participant automatically entered the draw for the main prize, an ice hockey VIP ticket. We were responsible for the overall presentation, including the design and implementation of the inflatable sports arena and the gadgets, as well as staff recruitment.



  • 7 events throughout Switzerland
  • 22 event days
  • 31,599 visitors at the promotion stall
  • 45,4% – average drive-to-store rate for puzzle sampling