BAER Food Truck

Queueing for extraordinary cheese dishes at the food truck. We implemented a tasting and sale concept for BAER and inspired many Slow-Up visitors.

This is how the Slow-Up organisers describe their events: "What you need is a road in an attractive landscape that is about 30 km long and can be closed down for all motor vehicles for an entire day. Now you organise some entertaining activities along the route. The whole thing will develop into an exceptional celebration: young and old, families and singles, outdoor people and pleasure-seekers enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and the car-free environment."

For the Slow-Up events at Lake Sempach, Lake Zurich and in Emmental-Oberaargau, Lactalis Suisse SA asked us to create and implement a concept matching this remarkable setting. We were responsible for the design and implementation on site, including everything around the food truck itself as well as personnel management, logistics, product sale and cash management. Cheese creations like the Chäs Häppily burger or buns filled with Hohle Gasse cheese topped with cucumber, figs and honey mustard sauce were in great demand. As an extra promotion activity, passers-by could win prizes on a wheel of fortune.



  • 850 Chäs Häppily burgers
  • 55 kilogrammes of Fromella Barbecue
  • 24 event days for our promoters
  • More than 6000 wheel of fortune players