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July 2019

Rivella Summerslide 2019

Our own event Rivella Summerslide rocked this year's Zurich Fest

For the fifth time Promotion-Tools toured Switzerland with Europe's largest waterslide. This time it was one of the main attractions at this year's Zurich Fest. During 3 days visitors could jump into the lake from the 15 meter high slide with an 60% incline! Rivella, the main sponsor, and silver partner JBL enhanced this years sliding experience with entertaining side events including lounge and gastronomy. All of Promotion-Tools agency services came in use: Starting with the concept, marketing incl. online activation with our own micro-influencer platform SWISSPER to measuring visitors with Livealytics... Promotion-Tools was responsible for every aspect of this amazing event.  



  • Creation & Implementation of the event
  • 80'000 visitors
  • 2’025 slides
  • 1'600 sliders