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Rebranding Bonne Maman

To support the Bonne Maman brand, we have trained more than 40 ambassadors embodying the image of "La Bonne Maman" for tastings throughout French-speaking Switzerland. This action is part of the presentation of the new recipes of the "Intense" jam and pastry brand.

From October 30th to November 3rd, Bonne Maman products were tasted in 37 Coops in Romandie over a total of 77 days.

For this we designed a tailor-made stand that can be easily picked up, transported and set up by the organizer himself. With the presence in the branches we support the brand in the brand change of its "Intense" series with jams with more fruit and less sugar as well as biscuits. With the tasting, the new products of the brand could be discovered and tasted. The dialogue with our promoters creates an emotional link between the brand image and the consumer.



  • Focus on brand rebranding
  • 37 POS
  • 77 days promotion
  • W-CH region
  • More than 40 dedicated and trained promoters
  • Design and realisation of the stand