Rivella Mango Karaoke

For the product introduction of Rivella Mango, we invited passers-by at Swiss train stations to take part in karaoke singing in a tropical setting.

Switzerland speaks Mango! As part of the product launch of Rivella Mango, passers-by at seven Swiss train stations found out that this exotic language is also fun to sing. On walking by, they received samples of Rivella Mango and were invited to sing a tropical hit in karaoke style.

We had the overall responsibility for making sure everything ran smoothly, selected the optimal distribution points and ensured the proper logistics handling of over 500,000 refrigerated samples. In a very short time, we produced songs with text and organized the necessary rights for the karaoke activity. We also developed a karaoke live app in-house, including registration, lead generation and social media connections. We coordinated the service of 251 promoters from our own pool.



  • 500 736 Rivella samples
  • 251 promoters
  • 2128 hours worked
  • 7 train stations