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Jägermeister event

Scoring with our unconventional concept, we won the pitch for the relaunch of the Jägermeister brand. The result: two sensational party events in Zurich and Lausanne.

Jägermeister is well known for its extraordinary and exceptional marketing activities – a potential which we were allowed to fully exploit for the pitch concept. The invitation alone was a highlight: It was personally delivered by Gertrud and her husband Günther to a few select guests who had the honour of attending these special evenings as VIPs. Hashtags such as „getdeutschafterdark“ or „bethemeister“ were used on all social media platforms in the run-up to the events.

After having been welcomed by Gertrud and her husband dressed up in traditional 1920s attire, the guests embarked on a brief journey through time, finally emerging in modern times – and in the midst of many attractions: live acts and DJs, ice sculptures, activity walls made out of ice , live deer painting, a live tattoo studio, walking acts, magicians and acrobats. The decoration concept was so elaborate that the locations were barely recognisable.

We were responsible for the overall concept of the event, communication and activation before, during and after the event, the design, decoration, procurement and production of the interior design as well as the activation concepts at the two locations.



  • Extraordinary event nights in Zurich and Lausanne
  • Relaunch of Jägermeister
  • Numerous activations and attractions
  • Personal delivery of VIP invitations
  • Elaborate decoration concept