Giant living room for Huawei

For Huawei we have created an oversized living room with sofa, armchair and table. In a cosy atmosphere the passers-by could get to know the flagship Smartphone Mate 20 Pro.

On the giant sofa the passers-by could rest, take photos and recharge their smartphones. Huawei Mate 20 Pros were installed in the armrests, which could charge other smartphones wirelessly with the "Reverse Charging" function. During one night, the oversized living room at Geneva railway station was set up. Bern and Zurich will follow in January.

We built and produced the oversized living room designed by Plan.Net, were responsible for the smooth construction and the overall appearance. The personnel was recruited, trained and equipped by us.



  • Doctorate at Geneva, Zurich and Berne railway stations
  • Construction and production of all oversized furniture
  • Personnel recruitment and training