Leisi Bakery

For the Leisi brand, we created a 360° open stand, consisting of real fully-equipped kitchens, as well as areas dedicated to tasting, competitions and photo taking.

For 4 days, visitors to shopping centres in French and German-speaking Switzerland also had the opportunity to participate in realising delicious recipes using the Leisi range with our hostesses. A delicious smell of apple pie and ham croissants attracted visitors to the Leisi area. As baking was underway, visitors were also able to take advantage of the 20% discount voucher on their Leisi purchases. Upon returning to the Leisi stand, they were able to taste their baked creations fresh out of the oven and share them with whomever they liked!

Our creative idea convinced the brand to task us with the organization of the stand. According to Leisi, the originality of the 360° stand with recipes cooked on-site, promised to create a warm, friendly, and homey atmosphere for Leisi, and thereby showed our understanding of the brand, which was the determining factor.

We were responsible for creating, designing and implementing the idea. The stand was designed, planned and erected by us. The apples used on all the stands for making apple pies came from the Swiss Fruit Association. We were responsible for erecting it on-site and for managing the logistics. 



  • 11 Points of Sale
  • 45 days of promotion
  • 3 functional ovens every day 
  • + 300 kg of Leisi dough used
  • 25m2 area covered
  • Exhibition in shopping centres
  • Design and erection of the tasting stand
  • Installation and disassembly by partner Prolag Logistics AG