Dyson Promotion

Within a few days we built a promotion stand for Dyson for 4 locations with parts from our 3D printer.

In 4 Manor stores in Switzerland, passers-by were able to see Dyson's hair care products for themselves.

For Dyson we produced a promotion stand with individual small parts made from the 3D printer. An express order which we were able to carry out professionally thanks to our know-how in production. We were responsible for the planning of the stand implementation, analysed 3D data and implemented the design for Dyson. Together with our subsidiary Prolag Logistics AG, the stand was distributed, set up and dismantled on schedule to the locations in Zurich, Basel, Lausanne and Geneva.



  • Promotion stand for Dyson hair care products
  • Small parts from the 3D printer
  • 4 locations: Zurich, Basel, Lausanne and Geneva
  • Planning and analysis of 3D data
  • Logistics, construction and dismantling