Circus night with Monkey 47

We organised an extraordinary pop-up event for Monkey 47 by Pernod Ricard, taking guests to the phenomenal circus shows of the nineteen-twenties/thirties. Gin signature drinks and fancy performances by Zirkus Chnopf artists created the perfect ambience.

It was an unforgettable experience for the Monkey Circus guests on 6 and 7 October: for Pernod Ricard, we transformed Zirkus Chnopf into a circus of the nineteen-twenties/thirties. An old-time circus wagon was used as bar and artists entertained the guests with their performances in the middle of the excited audience, doing tricks with Monkey Gin bottles or abseiling and swirling over the guests' heads.

We had the overall responsibility for the implementation of the event, from designing the invitations to the social media presence. The decorative elements and traditional costumes chosen by our team created a dazzling atmosphere and took guests back 100 years to a bizarre circus world of the past.



  • PR events with journalists and influencers
  • social media camaign
  • 500 drinks per evening