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Volvo pick-up test drive

Conveniently order a dream car for a test drive back at home or at the office? Together with Volvo, we are again running pick-up test drives. The high hot lead rate reflects the success of the offer.

After last year's successful pick-up test drive campaign, Volvo wanted to build on this success and managed to surpass it. For 11 weeks, you could register online at Volvo for a test drive, with one of our promoters taking the car to the desired location - at home or at the office. This convenient way of test-driving a vehicle was met with great interest and demand amidst the increasingly hectic nature of everyday life. We were able to open up and gain new leads, as 57% were foreign brand drivers and 72% of the drivers could be identified as hot leads.

We were co-developers and bore overall responsibility for the project. We recruited and trained the drivers and monitored the interactive test drive system.



  • Test drive at home or at the office
  • Test driving in familiar surroundings
  • High level of interest
  • 72% hot leads