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Bose shop-in-shop

We have installed shop-in-shop panels for Bose in 78 POS stores and have been responsible for their upkeep and updates ever since.

To best serve Bose's technically complex shop-in-shop concept, we have also recruited and trained qualified field agents, who were responsible for 78 POS installations.

The shelf modules, TVs, light sources and home cinema systems were delivered to our affiliate Prolag Logistics AG as well as adapted to the individual POS and handed over right on schedule. The dismantling and fitting of the new installations were carried out by our field agents. By means of extensive reporting, we were able to show the customer how the shop-in-shop concepts work in the POS.

We had to recruit and train technically experienced field agents who could take the old panel apart and install the new one while also updating our customer service in the event of product changes. Our affiliate Prolag Logistics AG was responsible for professional stocking, packing and shipping.



  • 78 POS
  • 664 hours of POS set-up per round
  • 150 pallets / packing / shipping
  • Detailed briefings for the 8 field agents
  • Route planning
  • Specific IT reporting