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Hornbach promotion

Hornbach launched a designer chair that cannot be bought ready-made, but has to be built first. Together with our customer, we created just the right hands-on activation at the Lucerne train station.

The lounge chair at the centre of the Hornbach campaign was developed by Danish designer Sigurd Larsen. Anyone who fancies the chair can buy all the materials at Hornbach, be it wood, screws or tools. And then, the do-it-yourselvers have to get down to work. A book details how the chair was originally designed and, most importantly, how it can be built. An instruction video is also included.

Our promoters set up a temporary workshop at Lucerne’s main train station and demonstrated live how exactly one has to go about to build it and what it looks like in the end. During one week, we built three lounge chairs together with Hornbach staff while passers-by watched with interest and were, of course, invited to join in.



  • Temporary workshop
  • 3 designer lounge chairs
  • 51 meters of seatbelt used
  • 100s of screws