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Trade Marketing
Convincing presentation - bigger profits

At the point of purchase, people are already in the mood to buy. With targeted activations and professionally trained staff, it's easy to generate new customers and increase sales. Take our trade marketing expertise to the next level and let us bring out the best in your company - in the store, in team training and as a powerful support for your sales.

Strategic trade marketing consulting for brands
Profitable concepts for the success of the brand
Trade Marketing
From launch, across the shelf to the shopping basket
Shopper Marketing
We activate the shopper and promote sales
Measure success, show optimisations
Data visualisation and evaluation of results


No matter how great your idea and your product are, your POS/POP team is crucial for success. We support you and your team along the entire value chain of your promotion and provide a professional external view when you are looking for new team members.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotions of all kinds don't just make your brand better known. If they are well designed, they remain in the memory for a longer period of time - which can lead to future purchase actions. Others simply entertain their customers in the short term. We inspire them. And we do it in such a sustainable way that we quickly turn interested parties into real fans, even with complex products.


Smell and taste say more than a thousand words. Add to this a friendly face and the right story and a degustation quickly turns into palate love for life. The quarterly report also likes that.

Instore Training

We do not sell. We build a relationship with the other person within seconds, we are approachable and likeable. That feels worlds better for both sides. And it is clearly reflected in the turnover. But how does this work exactly? With our in-store training, we also turn your employees into powerful relationship builders.

Sales Force

Market oversaturated? Everything already grazed? No chance for your brand? We can help you and your sales team temporarily with the acquisition of new customers and client retention, i.e. continuing to play with customers you have already won. For example, through dealer support and newly created sales concepts.


Insights & Analytics

Being able to read reporting data and implement the results is one of the most important keys to your success. But where do you start? What data do you need to collect? And how do you analyse it in a target-oriented way? We show you what your data can do - and get the most out of POS/POP for you.

Our experts

Chris Wolfer
Chris Wolfer

Head of Sales & Marketing

Ronia Hutterli
Ronia Hutterli

Teamlead Business Development

Yves Mehli
Yves Mehli

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

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Teamlead Business Development