Personnel & payrolling

People as success factor - expert recruitment, smooth hiring processes and professional payrolling are our core areas. Every year, we take care of their vendors, merchandisers and sales representatives for well-known customers.

Sales Promotions

We develop sales-orientated solutions that create the incentive to buy a product. Our team has many years of wide-ranging experience in the staging and dramatisation of brands and products.


First contact often occurs through the ditribution of samples, and also during tastings. The customer experiences a product with all their senses and their buying behaviour gets influenced. We know the strategically crucial factors for sampling to trigger the right effect.


Merchandising is used where goods and customers meet in reality. We stage targeted merchandising for our customers, - from a wide variety of industries - to promote sales at the point of sale.

Data gathering and analytics

Every project is individual and requires tailor-made solutions. Thanks to many years of digital experience, we can provide you with competent advice and support. With livealytics, our self-developed tool, we can precisely quantify your live-marketing success.

Events and fairs

Events, live communication, live marketing - many terms, one goal: bringing people and products together. We plan and create events and fairs tofacilitate a positive and lasting experience.

Lead generation

We involve your customers with creative and targeted activations and encourage them to take an active part. We place great value on quality and clever drive-to-store mechanisms and bring the customer back from the floor to your point of sale.


Our logistics enable storage of all kinds of materials securely around the clock and transport at any time. By accessing our own warehouse software, our customers have permanent insight into the inventory and status of their goods and can manage their orders themselves.