Windows 8.1 Roadshow

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Windows 8.1 Roadshow

The Windows Update features impressive improvements in the areas of personalisation, apps, the Windows Store and cloud connectivity - particularly in the case of the new device generation with touchscreens.

Our sales & field agents are introducing the new features to those interested in Switzerland's largest shopping malls: the software can be tested live on tablets for roughly seven months. Our agents will take note of the feedback provided by potential customers in an electronic questionnaire.

What's more, we are responsible for the entire design and concept of the stand. Working according to the specification of "more cost-efficient than last year", we developed a new stand made out of individual modules with elements that can be expanded according to requirements in both the smallest and largest versions. These elements consist of the lightest possible material. The advantages speak for themselves – the stand can be customised to fit any POS and, from a logistics perspective, is easy to transport and can be assembled and dismantled quickly. Mission accomplished!

We will round off the successful project with additional services such as reporting, controlling, IT services & support and the entire POS communication.

«With limited internal resources and four different product groups to manage, working with top agencies is of vital importance. We are convinced that Promotion-Tools is our best partner for managing all of our retail promotions. Their pro-active and solution-oriented service provides us with just the support we need. Thank you!»

Andrena Majer
Channel Marketing Specialist