Volvo: Pick-Up Test Drive at one’s own option

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Volvo: Pick-Up Test Drive at one’s own option

You don’t have time for a test drive at your car dealer? But you still wish to calmly go for a ride with a new Volvo model? And in addition being competently advised? All of that is possible with the “Volvo Pick-Up Test Drive”.

We have called 100 selected CEOs who had joined the Swiss Leadership Forum at Volvo’s booth and we have invited them to participate to the “Volvo-Pick Up Test Drive”. Upon request, the CEO was picked up at the location of his choice and at a desired time.

Our trained field agents picked up the test drivers at their home or at their work with the XC90, made them familiar with the vehicle and answered, now as passengers, to all questions about the Volvo XC90 during the test. Thanks to an instructive training provided by Volvo itself, our field agents were very familiar with the Volvo XC90 and its features. After the test drive, the test drivers were shortly interviewed and we handed over a little present to them on behalf of Volvo.

Before going to the next test drive, the field agent cleaned the inside and the outside of the car in order to make sure that the next drive could be done in proper condition.