Strong presence of Emmi Caffè Latte at the Swiss summer festivals


Strong presence of Emmi Caffè Latte at the Swiss summer festivals

We designed a powerful brand promotion concept for Emmi Caffè Latte's presence at three big Swiss outdoor music events: the Openair Frauenfeld, the Heitere Open Air and the Open Air Gampel. A coffee lounge with beach feeling, espresso shot sampling from a jeep, Instagram photo activation and gadget distribution – it was impossible to miss Emmi's presence!

Summertime is festival time. In Switzerland, the outdoor music festivals of Frauenfeld, Heitere and Gampel are very famous and popular. They are the places to be for the typical Emmi Caffè Latte drinkers – fun-loving, thirsty for life and wanting to live by their own rules.

Under the slogan of "MY LIFE. MY RULES" a series of activities were carried out from 6 to 8 July 2017 at the Openair Frauenfeld festival. The festival visitors could participate in remote control jeep races and win prizes. In addition to a coffee lounge, there were also sampling events, and gadgets like caps, hand fans and gym bags were handed to the festival visitors. Even those who aren't morning people were offered a pleasant start into the day: giving away espresso shots from the Caffè Latte jeep was a great success.

For the two upcoming outdoor music festivals of Heitere and Gampel, we have designed a chill-out lounge made from Euro pallets, where the visitors can relax on deck chairs under palm trees and have a coffee at a Volkswagen Transporter bar. Fun gadgets can be won by participating in one of the many activities offered at the lounge. All three festivals are part of a contest that visitors can enter to win a weekend in Ibiza with their friends.

Those missing out on the festivals can taste some of the atmosphere on Instagram: thanks to our smart social media strategy, we were able to generate more than 200 pictures using the #MLMR hashtag on the first days in Frauenfeld alone.