Promotion-Tools designed the largest mobile Waterslide in Europe


Promotion-Tools designed the largest mobile Waterslide in Europe

Higher. Faster. Further. In summer 2016 Promotion-Tools went into a second round with the Summerslide. With a height of 15 meters, a length of 32.5 meters and a 21-meters slide at a 31° slope, the Below-the-Line agency exhibited the largest water slide in Europe in Zurich and Montreux. For the courageous «Slider» three tracks with three different degrees of slope were built, on which the participants engaged themselves with an absolute adrenaline rush into the lake of Zurich and the Lac Leman.

Promotion-Tools designed, created and realised the Summerslide 2016. With a jump height of approximately 5 meters and a flight distance up to 15 meters, the slide provided a downhill with an absolute adrenaline rush. The realisation included the event development as well as the design of the platform, in addition to the communication with the creation of ads, flyers and posters, the personnel management and the overall coordination of the partners and the filmmaking team on site.

Summerslide was represented by Fanta as the previous year. Furthermore, the agency gained the partnership with the Lifestyle-Audio Brand Ears.

Overall, Summerslide 2016 recorded about 4‘000 participants who generated some 7'000 slides. The 10'000 spectators enjoyed the perilous jumps and enjoyed themselvesat the bar. A selected Dj ensured the right sound.

During the 6 days of the event, the Summerslide more than 250‘000 people were affected by the Facebook posts and generated over 100‘000 posts. The posted videos have been viewed over 150‘000 times.