Orange is now Salt


Orange is now Salt

As part of the biggest re-branding Switzerland has ever seen, Promotion-Tools was tasked with the merchandising and entire logistics of remodelling all 83 Salt stores. 

After an intense period of preparation, a total of 30 merchandisers were deployed across Switzerland between 24 and 28 April 2015. 

The first step was to fit store windows with new elements and dispose of the old Orange material – a task that required 15 teams in vans delivering 136 palettes, assembling the new decorative elements and getting rid of 18 tonnes of old material.

In a second step, 32 cinemas across Switzerland received new Salt Cinéday material, 25 post offices were provided with new The ABO marketing material and 49 Salt Points (partner stores) underwent a complete branding overhaul. 

With every completed POS, Salt's management received a report from the team on site, sent immediately via tablet. Promotion-Tools drew up a total of 595 reports, ensuring a perfectly smooth process.

The whole project was overseen and supported by a 15-strong Promotion Tools taskforce. 

We are proud to have turned this highly complex project into a success for Salt.