Nestea - The taste of freedom


Nestea - The taste of freedom

We were responsible for the below-the-line implementation of this year's Nestea summer campaign. On this campaign, we toured Switzerland and promoted the "taste of freedom" to the target group. How did we do this? Quite simply by handing out samples of Nestea Black Lemon and the new Nestea Green Tea Peach.

Our promoters gave away just under 400,000 samples at train stations, in public places and in cities in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. We also visited many offices and surprised workers there with free refreshing ice-cold drinks during the hot summer days.

One of the highlights of the tour was travelling to cities with our "Nestea Garden Box". This interactive adventure box allowed consumers to climb through the "window of freedom" and immerse themselves in the world of Nestea. Tracking cameras made sure that every movement was recorded and the animals in the Nestea jungle world reacted accordingly. This experience gave passers-by – now clutching refreshing Nestea and appropriate promotional gifts (e.g. refillable refreshing sprays or sneaker wings for trainers) – the opportunity to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Voilà: the taste of freedom!

«Promotion-Tools is a reliable partner with many years' experience in the fields of sampling and brand experience. Our comprehensive product portfolio requires a professional and flexible BTL agency capable of adjusting to constantly changing markets. We can look back on a number of different successful projects as well as a positive collaboration, and we would like to continue to strengthen our partnership with Promotion-Tools.»

Stefan Rothenbuehler
Events & Sampling Project Manager