Microsoft Schweiz AG

Microsoft & Promotion-Tools

What started in 2010 has developed into a close, long-term partnership in which we provide comprehensive support that has embraced the following activities to date:

  • Organisation of numerous promotions all over Switzerland, for the Office and Office-Mac packages and for the X-Box games console.
  • Training tours in various Swiss retail stores.
  • Logistics, maintenance, care, repair and delivery of X-Box demo units, which are present in around 100 locations nationwide.
  • Storage and delivery of the entire range of POS material for Microsoft.
  • Design, organisation and implementation of a 6-month roadshow to launch Windows 8.1 in Switzerland's largest shopping centres. This also included the development of a stand design, manning the stand, the entire event logistics and on-line reporting of 15,000 test trials.
  • Permanent appointment of over 20 field force area managers who provide daily support to more than 200 points of sale, train employees and perform merchandising activities.
  • Coordination of the deployments using our on-line tour planning tool.
  • Reports by our sophisticated and transparent reporting tool, giving Microsoft direct access to daily retail feedback.

«With limited internal resources and four different product groups to manage, working with top agencies is of vital importance. We are convinced that Promotion-Tools is our best partner for managing all of our retail promotions. Their pro-active and solution-oriented service provides us with just the support we need. Thank you!»

Andrena Majer
Channel Marketing Specialist