Fiat: Test drive in London


Fiat: Test drive in London

What an experience to whiz through the pulsating streets of London in the new Fiat 500X, or to drive right through the middle of a magic show.

All of this is possible at the "Fiat 500X Roadshow," which is coming to six Swiss towns and cities between December 2014 and February 2015.

The public, whether car lovers or not, will be handed out 3D glasses that will send them on a virtual test drive with a Fiat 500X. They can travel through the metropolis of London or through a magic show.

Our charming hosts and hostesses will be on hand for our client: „Eventagentur marbet“. In casual dress they will talk to the public, distribute flyers and provide information about the features of the Fiat 500X - all with the aim of inviting them to go on this unique test drive.

Our hosts and hostesses will spend twelve days accompanying the roadshow and successfully take people through the programme. We are already looking forward to working with Fiat again at the International Motor Show in Geneva.