Fanta saves the summer!


#FantaSelfie – Fanta saves the summer!

What a summer – with hardly any sun!? We braved the bad summer weather and cheered up the nation with our Fanta promotion, sharing lots of fun and lots of fizz with Switzerland.

Our campaigners once again met with a warm welcome in Switzerland this year, with their mini cans of Fanta and special Fanta games. We visited all corners of Switzerland, distributing Fanta in the big cities, in railway stations, at festivals and in public squares. The Fanta knights participated in our campaigns at the stations, delighting passers-by with their spectacular show jousts throughout the public areas.

To spread the Fanta message further, our campaigners surprised young people in sports fields, in outdoor pools and at lakesides with oversized bumper balls and jet skis. There was also a small surprise hidden on the underside of some Fanta cans: button badges. Passers-by could pin them to their t-shirts, jackets or bags as a souvenir.

The campaign “Do it #FantaSelfie” gave people the opportunity to take pictures (selfies) at the events with the help of a photobox and even to print them. Pictures could then be shared on all social media platforms via A winner was chosen from among all the selfies to be “The face of Fanta 2014”. Mr or Ms Fanta appeared in the print edition of the free daily paper 20 Minuten and will receive free Fanta for a whole year.

«Promotion-Tools is a reliable partner with many years' experience in the fields of sampling and brand experience. Our comprehensive product portfolio requires a professional and flexible BTL agency capable of adjusting to constantly changing markets. We can look back on a number of different successful projects as well as a positive collaboration, and we would like to continue to strengthen our partnership with Promotion-Tools.»

Stefan Rothenbuehler
Events & Sampling Project Manager