Emmi reinforces the athletes of the Swiss City Marathon in Lucerne


Emmi reinforces the athletes of the Swiss City Marathon in Lucerne

The long cooperation between Emmi and the Swiss City Marathon in Lucerne has again been successfully staged this year. Emmi was the official partner of the cause during the weekend of the 28th to the 30th of October in Lucerne and more than 15,000 protein drinks were distributed to the athletes, as well as thousands of little bells to enthusiastic supporters.

More than 11,000 runners departed at the Lucerne Marathon on the 30th of October. Creating an attractive itinerary is the main objective of the Swiss City Marathon. This itinerary led the runners along Lucerne’s Lake, next to the KKL Lucerne, through the beautiful old town of Lucerne and to the Swiss Museum of Transport.

The streets were lined with more than 60,000 spectators who encouraged the runners.

Two days before the Marathon, Emmi presented more than 5,000 new PROTEIN DRINKS to the public. In addition, more than 10,000 Emmi PROTEIN DRINKS and little bells were distributed to the runners and were given to the spectators at the finish line. Emmi was present throughout the city with arches and covers laid in various places along the route.

Promotion-Tools supported Emmi from A to Z. The development of the project, including the precise planning of all the logistics on the different sites were an important factor for the success of this service. The sampling of the new EMMI protein drinks was implemented by experienced promoters from Promotion-Tools. Thanks to the professional logisticians, the construction at the Marathon was ensured without any problem.