Corporate governance

Sustainability in corporate management and in practice

Promotions need lots of personnel and materials. Promotion-Tools committed to seeking forward-looking solutions that benefit staff and the environment.

Responsibility as a fair employer starts with the equal treatment of men and women: the same salary for the same work, irrespective of working location or age. All our staff – internal team, temporary staff and staff who are hired out to third parties – are fully insured, including social benefits, and protected against working excessive hours and against engaging in activities that could damage their health. Promotion-Tools rewards individual and group success with appropriate motivation payments.

Special importance is accorded to flexible working hours from which our pool of some 2000 freelancers benefit. Whether the occasional individual assignment, a temporary full-time position, a job to finance their studies or work experience as the next step on their career ladder: all these options are possible and open to our freelancers.

Sustainable environmental management at Promotion-Tools covers internal processes such as extensive digital information processing and measures to reduce the ecological footprint of our promotions to a minimum: we refrain from using disposable articles, recycle all materials, consistently maintain and reuse all fittings and equipment, and encourage the use of public transport.

Promotion-Tools adds social and ecological value that also pays off in economic terms over the long term.

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