A spectacular guerilla sampling for Rivella


Une guerilla sampling spectaculaire pour Rivella

With the slogan « Do it » Rivella has promoted its drinks in summer 2016. A special campaign has been designed for the new flavor « rhubarb ». Rivella’s strategy is fresh and always in relation to the theme of water. Using the slogan « Do it together », Rivella is for all customers wishing to share actively the experience of summer.

Switzerland has many lakes and rivers and Rivella’s target audience frequently stay around these water points by sunny days. The brand understood this developed an alternative guerilla campaign.  In Zurich, Lucerne, Zug and Lausanne, Rivella has organized an original sampling with 10 Free runners and 20 Field Agents. In various public areas, a 2 minutes’ choreography with appropriate music has been set up in the middle of swimmers. At the end of the show, our Field Agents had 5 minutes to distribute samples of the new Rivella rhubarb flavor. In a short period of time, many swimmers were able to enjoy a fresh Rivella. The highlights of the campaign have quickly created a great enthusiasm on social networks, which contributed to the overall success of the promotion.

Promotion-Tools was in charge of the project from the beginning to the end. Various important criteria such as the creation of the promotional material, the collaboration with the Free Runners, the rapid distribution of the fresh samples by our staff or the dissemination of sound effects at a high distance had to be taken into account in the project development. With optimal preparation and planning we could implement this guerilla action quickly and distribute fresh drinks to the swimmers present on site. The use of trucks and refrigerated bags, specially designed for this event, have contributed to the success of the campaign.