Logistics & Warehousing

Everything in the right place, at the right time.

From January, the agency is outsourcing their logistics department, merging it with the Zurich-based logistics company PROject AG and beginning the new year with the introduction of the new Prolag Logistics AG subsidiary.

Prolag Logistics AG has over 8,000m2 of warehousing space in which articles are precisely catalogued and professionally maintained. Our logistics capabilities allow us to store and then transport all types of materials in a secure manner around the clock. On site, a team of experts ensures that assembly and dismantling run smoothly.

Another service we offer from our warehousing facilities is post-processing, comprising preparation, inventory, cleaning and repairs. Our customers can also check the stock and status of their goods at all times and place orders themselves thanks to the access they have to our warehousing software.

Careful and detailed logistics planning is a central component of the project process. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we can take care of every type of shipping order (express, large and small consignments and refrigerated transport) within the shortest time possible. We are available around the clock and there whenever you need us.

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